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The Colorado Springs Police Department welcomes civic and student groups for tours of our facilities. 

Facilities, Days, and Times Available 

  • Police Operations Center, 705 S. Nevada Ave.
  • Gold Hill Patrol Division, 955 W. Moreno Ave.  
  • Sand Creek Patrol Division, 950 Academy Park Loop
  • Falcon Patrol Division, 7850 Goddard St. 
  • Stetson Hills Patrol Division, 4110 Tutt Blvd.  

Booking a Tour

All tours must be booked a minimum of four weeks in advance. To book a tour, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. You will be contacted by the Community Relations Officer to arrange a tour within a week of your call.

What You May See on a Tour

Our tours are conducted by a cadre of specially trained volunteers.  Tours include viewing the specialized equipment worn by officers, a police cruiser (may not be available at the Police Operations Center), the holding cell area (if not occupied), the briefing (line-up) room (patrol divisions only), detectives area (patrol divisions only) and general working areas (patrol division only).  Due to the sensitive nature of the work conducted there, tours do not include the Crime Lab or Evidence areas. 

The Police Operations Center is the headquarters for the CSPD and does not function as a patrol division, so it is unlikely a tour of this facility will include interaction with a uniformed officer or a police cruiser.  Tours of the Police Operations Center may include the Communications Center(Dispatch)., the holding cell area (if not occupied), and the Tactical Rescue Vehicle (if available).

Tour Guidelines

Tours are offered with the goal of educating the public about police operations.  We ask that tour groups be limited to 12 people to include  adult supervision for groups with children. Police stations are a dynamic work environment, and tours may need to be canceled or postponed and some areas may be omitted from the tour due to manpower or situational circumstances.  Because police stations are a work environment, tours will be terminated if groups are disruptive.

Booking a Tour

All tours must be booked a minimum of four weeks in advance; however, more notice is appreciated.  To book a tour, first choose which location, days and times best meet the needs of your organization.  Complet and submit the form below with your choices.  You will receive an email confirming your tour date, time and location within 7 days after you submit the form. 



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