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The City of Colorado Springs currently has Cable Franchise Agreements with Comcast and Falcon Broadband. Administration of these agreements is handled by the Office of Innovation and Sustainability.  

Customer Service

The Cable Franchise Agreements give the City of Colorado Springs (the Cable Franchise Authority) oversight on how the cable providers use the Public's easements and right-of-ways, and limited authority over customer service issues. Cable service customers who live within the city limits of Colorado Springs may contact the Cable Franchise Authority if the customer is unsuccessful in addressing a customer service issue with the cable provider. The Cable Franchise Authority will then contact the cable provider on the customer's behalf. Though the Cable Franchise Authority‚Äôs oversight of the cable providers is limited, an acceptable solution can usually be found.  

Please note that the Cable Franchise Agreements do not grant the Cable Franchise Authority oversight on rates or cable programming service.  Also, the Cable Franchise Agreements do not cover phone or cable modem service (Internet). For more information, read FCC classifies cable modem service as "Information Service."