Payment Information

The Colorado Springs Municipal Court receives payments for both traffic and criminal summons and complaints. This includes fines, parking citations, jury fees, court and warrant costs, and restitution. Information regarding payment options is provided below and on the back of the summons or parking ticket. Failure to make payments as indicated below may result in additional costs or the issuance of an arrest warrant.

Good Driver Plea Offer:  If you have received a good driver plea offer in the mail please note that the on-line and telephone payment options will indicate your original charge(s).  The point reduction will occur AFTER payment has been posted and will not be displayed.  Retain the Good Driver Plea Offer letter for your records.

Schedule of payable fines and bail  | Pay Online

Parking Tickets

Parking tickets must be paid within 14 days of issuance; a $5 late charge is added on the 15th day. If you wish to contest a parking ticket, you should see a Referee.


Summons and Complaints may be paid if the officer has marked a payable amount on the front of the summons form. The court must receive all payments made before the court date indicated on the summons. If there is no payment amount indicated, the summons is not payable and a court appearance is required.

By paying the fine instead of appearing in court, the defendant surrenders all the legal rights to which they are entitled. Payment is a plea of guilty to the offense(s) charged. Penalty points will be assessed against one's driving record by the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). If the defendant does not wish to plead guilty, they should not pay the fine and their court appearance is required.

The defendant may enter a plea of not guilty and ask for a trial even if they think they might have committed the offense charged. The phrase "not guilty" is understood legal jargon for saying "I want to exercise my constitutional rights and require the government to prove the charge beyond a reasonable doubt."

Click on the links below to see generic copies of each type of summons.

Court Costs

A court cost of $25 is applied to all payments made on or after the court date. Additional costs or fees (up to $100) may be assessed if the bank returns a check or if the person charged fails to appear in court. Failure to appear in court will also result in the issuance of an arrest warrant and the person could be taken into custody at any time.

Payment options:

  • MAIL: Municipal Court, PO Box 2169, Colorado Springs, CO 80901-2169.
  • ONLINE:  Pay online via our payment processor nCourt at  Please note that there is a service fee for processing your payment online. Defendants should have their ticket number, summons/case number, and credit card available. 
  • DROP BOX: Defendants may come to the Municipal Court Building at 224 East Kiowa Street and place a copy of the summons along with a check in a sealed envelope and deposit it into the drop box located in front of the building. This is an option to be used prior to a court date; on or after the court date the payment must be made in person.
  • IN PERSON: Defendants may choose to pay in person in Room 108 of the Municipal Court building at 224 East Kiowa Street during normal business hours (8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.) Monday – Friday.
  • PHONE: To make a payment by phone, please call 719-377-9788.  Please note that there is a service fee for processing your payment over the phone.
  • PAY IN PAYMENTS: If defendants need to make payment arrangements after their court appearance, they may proceed to the Probation Department, Room 230. For a listing of payment options, please read "Payment Programs".
  • Make checks payable to: THE CITY OF COLORADO SPRINGS for the full amount of the fine and costs. Payment for a summons must be received before a scheduled court date, otherwise, an appearance in court is required.
For additional payment information, see Municipal Court Payment Options (General Order pdf)

Wondering where your money goes?

  • FINE AND COSTS: Fine and costs go into the General City Fund to support the variety of services provided by the City of Colorado Springs.
  • SURCHARGE: The surcharge is added to traffic violations to support the school crossing guard program and school safety zone improvements.
  • RESTITUTION: Restitution collected goes to victims of crime.
  • IT SURCHARGE: The IT surcharge is added on all convictions to assist in maintaining court case management software.
**If you discover that you have overpaid your fine, please appear in person to request your refund.**

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