List of Open Solicitations

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Solicitations are provided on this page for information purposes only. All RFP’s and IFB’s that are required to be publicly posted are posted on Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System. RFP’s and IFB’s provided on this page may or may not be up to date, and may or may not include required amendments or addenda. Failure of an Offeror to comply with provisions of an RFP, IFB, addendum/amendment due to anything provided, or not provided, on this page, will not be excused by the City of Colorado Springs. The RFP’s or IFB’s included on Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System and Bonfire Interactive Procurement Portal remain the authoritative and valid version for procurement purposes.

Not all open RFP’s and IFB’s are listed yet.

Open RFPs and IFBs

R22-020MZ North Nevada Corridor Stormwater Improvements Design Services

  1. RFP R22-020MZ

R22-016AM Design Services for Golf Course Architect – Consulting and Design Work for Reduction of Irrigated Turf Acreage

  1. RFP R22-016AM

R22-014MZ Senior Center Design Services

  1. R22-014mz RFP

R22-009SL SIMD Turf Mowing

  1. R22-009SL RFP
  2. Schedule A.1
  3. Schedule A.2
  4. SMID Turf Groupings

B22-T003CA Wooten Road Over Sand Creek (Platte Ave) Bridge Replacement

  1. B22-T003CA IFB
  2. Geotechnical Evaluation Report
  3. Schedule A

R22-006MZ Fiber Mapping Services

  1. R22-006MZ RFP

B21-T166KK Union & 24 Intersection Improvements

  1. B21-T166KK IFB
  2. Schedule A Bid Form

B22-T002MZ Black Forest Roadway Widening Construction

  1. B22-T002MZ IFB

B22-001MZ Monument Branch Phase 2 Construction

  1. B22-001MZ IFB
  2. Please see IFB on for complete list of plans and other documentation

B21-175AM Leon Young Sports Complex ADA Improvements Project

  1. B21-175AM IFB

B21-171KK Downtown Shuttle Stops

  1. B21-171KK IFB
  2. B21-171KK plan set
  3. B21-171KK bid tab

B21-168NS Taxiway Bravo Rehab Project

  1. B21-168NS IFB

R21-T166KK-24 & Union Intersection Improvements

  1. R21-T166KK-24 IFB
  2. B21-T166KK schedule A bid form

B21-174AM Rock Ledge Ranch ADA Improvements Project

  1. IFB B21-174AM
  2. Pre-Bid Meeting Map for IFB B21-174AM

Q21-172MZ Beyond Trust Software Purchase (ARPA28

R21-084AM On-Call Irrigation Service Providers

R21-167MZ CSFD Class B & C Uniforms

R21-159AM Red Rock Canyon Landfill Monitoring and Maintenance Project

B21-160AM Patty Jewett Parking Lot Reconstruction Project

  1. IFB B21-160AM

B21-156MZ Bus Stop Pad Replacement

  1. IFD B21-156MZ

R21-154MZ Prospect Lake Design Services

  1. RFP R21-154MZ

R21-158NS Consultant Services Sustainability Action Plan

  1. RFP R21-158NS

R21-092MZ Monument Creek USAFA Corridor Planning Study

  1. RFP R21-092MZ

R21-044AM Chiller Removal and Replacement

  1. RFP R21-044AM

R21-055NS FSA HRA Benefits Administration Services

Employee Assistance Program

RFP 21-052 Armored Car Services

R21- 063NS Drug Free Workplace Services

R21-T075KK Asphaltic Materials

R21-083NS Community Plan

R21-091DS Cemetery Endowment Fund 

R21-100 DS Wayfinding signs

B21-106MZ South Douglas Channel PDM Project

R21-097MZ Flying Horse Detention Pond #1 Retrofit CM & Geotechnical Engineering Services

R21-074 NS Airport Concessionaire Services

R21-T102KK Traffic Signal Equipment

R21-T107KK Equipment Rental

R21-113NS Platte Ave Tree Removal and Pruning Services

R21-109AM Coleman Community Park Master PlanA plan for the development of a portion of the city that contains proposed land uses, a generalized transportation system, and the relationship of the area included in the plan to surrounding property. Professional Design Services

R21-T116MZ Structures Right of Way Asset Management Program – Development & Implementation

R21-112MZ Construction Project Management Software

R21-123MZ 2C2 Pre-Overlay Concrete – Additional Vendors

R21-103MZ CSFD Carpet Replacement

R21-T128AM I-25 Ramps: S Nevada Ave/S Tejon St Corridor Improvements Professional Engineering and Construction Management Services Project

R21-T125MZ Black Forest Roadway Improvements – Woodmen Rd to Research Pkwy Construction Management Services

R21-T121KK Academy Blvd Reconstruction

R21-132 NS Operation and Management of Westside Community Center

R21-137MZ Acacia Playground Grading & Concrete Installation

R21-138MZ Acacia Playground Landscaping & Irrigation Installation

R21-139MZ Acacia Playground Equipment Purchase & Installation

R21-135MZ Tax & Auditing Services

R21-T152MZ PPRTA Pipe Lining Projects