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Protect your valuables 

If you plan on leaving your car unattended while in a park or trail, keep valuable items covered or locked in the trunk of your car. 

Watch out for wildlife

When you are at our parks and trails, there is always the potential for a wildlife encounter. It is a wonderful thing to see as long as you follow some basic guidelines, such as keeping a safe distance. Never feed any wild animals including ducks and geese. And remember, most dangerous and potentially harmful encounters with wildlife occur because people fail to leave the animals alone. It's always good to know what to do if you encounter wildlife so check out the resources below.   

Be prepared for weather

In the summer months, the Colorado Springs area is subject to lots of sunshine and occasional intense thunderstorms with lightning and possible flash flooding. Winter months are generally mild, with a few major snowstorms or extreme cold temperature events each year.

  • Be aware of the weather forecast.
  • Dress appropriately and be prepared for any sudden change in the weather.  
  • Wear sunscreen year-round.
  • Know your physical limits for hiking and biking

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