VIN Verification Services

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Volunteers through the Colorado Springs Police Department’s CAPS (Community Advancing Public Safety) Program provide vehicle VIN verification services on a limited basis at three of the Police Department substations. This VIN verification service is offered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10 AM to 2 PM and is subject to volunteer availability.

It is recommended citizens call the station before proceeding to the location to verify a volunteer is on duty.

  • Gold Hill station, 955 West Moreno Ave:            719-385-2100, press #3
  • Falcon station, 7850 Goddard Street:                 719-444-7240, press #3
  • Stetson Hills* station, 4110 Tutt Blvd:                 719-444-3140, press #3
  • Sand Creek, 950 Academy Park Loop:               719-444-7270, press #3

*For Stetson Hills station, Mondays and Fridays (only), 10am-2pm

NOTE:  If there are no VIN-verification volunteers scheduled to work on a particular day at a Police substation, that substation will not provide VIN verification service.  In that case, VIN verification services can be obtained by using one of the following alternatives:

1. Return to the substation on a different scheduled day.

2. Go to another substation that has a VIN volunteer available.

3. Go to a car dealership that offers this service, which may be subject to a fee.