Cases of Interest

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Welcome to the CSPD's cases of interest

When there are cases of interest that are of local or national interest, you will find the redacted copies of those cases here.  The cases included are frequently requested by citizens and/or the media. 

The information from any cases posted here cannot be used to harass, intimidate or seek retribution on any party listed in the case.  All cases are redacted in accordance with the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act.  There is no charge to view or download any reports shared here.

CSPD Case of Interest: Randy Bishop Officer Involved Shooting

On the evening of January 11, 2020, CSPD officers were involved in a shooting with Colorado Springs resident, Randy Bishop. The summary includes body worn camera videos & documents depicting Mr. Bishop's original arrest warrant, the initial traffic stop, when the shooting occurred, and the following arrest of Randy Bishop. View the details of this case here.