Be a City of Places

Goal UP-1: Enrich the texture and livability of the city as a tapestry of unique, vibrant, and walkable places.


Application: South Tejon Street Redevelopment: Tejon Street, around the repurposed Ivywild School, are being redeveloped with a particularly wide range of desired attributes. Tools and incentives including special districts and urban renewal are being used to support this redevelopment. The result is anticipated to be an especially unique, identifiable, and livable urban environment.

Embrace Creative Infill, Adaptation, and Land Use Change

Goal UP-2: Embrace thoughtful, targeted, and forward-thinking changes in land use, infill, reinvestment, and redevelopment to respond to shifts in demographics, technology, and the market.

Grow the City’s Heart

Goal UP-3: Continue to grow and support Downtown as an inclusive, mixed use, cultural, and economic heart of the region.

Focus on Corridors and Centers

Goal UP-4: Strengthen our overall community identity and better serve the needs of residents and businesses within our large metropolitan area by developing active, unique, and connected centers and corridors.

Create Sustainable and Resilient Places

Goal UP-5: Develop and support unique places and centers as models of resilience and sustainability.