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Fairview and Evergreen Cemeteries—the oldest, continuously operated cemeteries in Colorado Springs—will soon see significant improvements with the installation of new and improved irrigation systems that will also help the City cut labor and water costs.

The projects, funded through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), are underway at Fairview and will begin later this year at Evergreen.

"We are excited to see these projects come to fruition,” said Jarod Clayton, Project Manager for Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services. “Evergreen Cemetery was established shortly after the town was founded in 1871 and both cemeteries are the final resting place for many fascinating figures who were instrumental in establishing the history of our city, including our founder William Jackson Palmer. It’s important that we preserve these historic cemeteries for future generations to visit and connect with their loved ones.”

Currently, Fairview Cemetery relies on a complex set of hoses and portable sprinklers that require manual relocation for irrigation. This new system will reduce labor costs and provide a more consistent watering schedule to keep the cemetery grounds green and beautiful for visiting families and guests.

The project at Fairview includes the installation of a state-of-the-art irrigation system equipped with a “Smart” Controller, leak detection, and a rain sensor allowing the system to prevent water loss and run only when necessary. These upgrades will enhance water efficiency and conservation and will allow for watering during overnight hours, which could save an estimated $118,000 per year at both cemeteries.

Construction is expected to be completed by winter 2024 at Fairview Cemetery with upgrades to the irrigation at Evergreen following shortly after. As an enterprise of the City, both cemeteries are supported by fees paid by users. All revenue earned goes back into the cemeteries for their operations, and not into the city’s general fund.

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