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The City of Colorado Springs launched a new website and associated story map in support of its 2C road improvements program.

The website,, contains a link to the story map. Both platforms help clearly tell the story of the 2C program and the impact it makes on the City’s roadway infrastructure, the largest in the state of Colorado. The story map also details impressive before and after photos of 2C projects; contains graphics about how much money 2C saves taxpayers through its preventative maintenance activities; and shows the impact 2C makes on pothole reduction.

“2C has truly been a gamechanger for our community,” Mayor Yemi Mobolade said at his monthly press briefing on Thursday, March 21, where the website and story map were unveiled. “I'm asking for the community’s support to continue this work for smoother roads ahead. It is an investment in our city and our community.” 

The current 2C program ends in 2025 and Mayor Yemi has indicated his desire to include the initiative for renewal on the Nov. 2024 General Election ballot. The current sales tax of 0.57%--or 5.7 pennies on a $10 purchase—funds road maintenance efforts throughout Colorado Springs. Voters approved the sales and use tax in Nov. 2015 and reauthorized it in Nov. 2019.

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