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Saturday marked Opening Day of the 1,000 Neighborhood Gatherings initiative in Colorado Springs, which aims to help address mental health by encouraging residents to connect with one another through gathering and building a social support system in their own neighborhoods.  

To recognize some of the first gatherings to be held in the city, Mayor Yemi, First Lady Abbey Mobolade, Councilmembers David Leinweber and Nancy Henjum and Governor Jared Polis attended three events on Saturday, May 18. There were approximately 100 people, from ages 4 to 87, present across the three stops.

"It’s one of my priorities to raise awareness about the importance of mental health while providing concrete action and resources for community members,” said Mayor Yemi. “Strong communities are built on the foundation of connectedness with our neighbors, and it was amazing to witness these connections being built and strengthened today. Each of today's events were unique and special, and I'm so grateful to all the hosts and attendees for answering this call and showing up for your neighbors. To all those who are planning to host or attend a Neighborhood Gathering this summer, I see you, and I thank you for helping us celebrate community as a way to combat mental health.” 

Mayor Yemi stands with Governor Jared Polis, Abbey Mobolade and other community leaders during the 1,000 neighborhood gatherings kickoff

These visits included a Gathering in the southeast part of the city hosted by Kimberly Gold who is the president of the Colorado Springs Black Chamber of Commerce and the 2024 Armed Forces Insurance Army Spouse of the Year. They also visited the Silver Key Senior Services Gathering at the North Hancock Apartments in the Patty 

Jewett neighborhood, and a Gathering in Stratton Meadows hosted by CONO’s interim executive director Kelly Bull where neighbors gathered to beautify and landscape a yard to be water-wise and edible. 

"Silver Key Apartments proudly joins the 1,000 Neighborhood Gatherings initiative, a collaboration with the Mayor and City Council, to deepen our commitment to fostering meaningful connections within our community,” said Silver Key CEO Jason DeaBueno. “For over 50 years, Silver Key's support has been the cornerstone of our community's older adult well-being, rooted in the belief that genuine relationships and connections are the secret sauce to promoting holistic health and wellness for all citizens, regardless of age."  

City leaders are encouraging residents and businesses to take part by planning a gathering for their neighbors. It can be as big or as small as you’d like, and counting your gathering toward the initiative is easy. All you have to do is register it online and host it between May 18 and Sept. 28. For more information on how to host a neighborhood gathering or to get involved, visit 

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