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Welcome New Riders!

Before you immerse yourself in the finer points of being a courteous and well-prepared transit rider, you may want to take a few minutes to stay connected with Mountain Metro through our Facebook, Instagram, and X (Twitter) accounts!

Learning the System

Mountain Metro provides fixed-route bus service to Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region. Navigating the local fixed-route bus system is easy if you know what to do. The following tips should help you feel prepared to take your first trip:

1) Locate your route number on the Transit System Map. The map shows where each bus route travels and intersects with connecting routes. Main transfer hubs and intersecting route numbers are included in the map legend for each route. For more detailed information, refer to the individual schedules under Route & Schedule Information.

You can also Request A System Map.

Schedules are available on the buses or at Transit Administration Customer Service Office - 1070 Transit Dr., or they can be printed from the PDF Schedules available online. Individual schedules show the following information: a) Names of major stops, which are called time points; b) Timetables; c) A map of the route indicating streets the bus travels and locations of major time points.

For additional help planning your trip, use My Next Bus to enter your starting point and destination for route planning.

2) Look for your bus stop. Mountain Metro bus stops are marked by rectangular purple "Metro" signs. Be sure the bus driver can see you when you are at the stop.  

3) Have your bus pass or exact cash fare ready when boarding the bus. The fare box does not make change, nor does the bus driver. If your trip requires a transfer, please ask the driver upon boarding.  Mountain Metro transfers are free and are good for up to two hours. Transfers are only valid for one-way trips.  

4) Pull the bell cord above or beside the window to signal the driver when you are ready to get off the bus. The driver will let you off at the next bus stop. When the bus comes to a complete stop, exit through the rear door. Riders in wheelchairs will need to use the ramp and exit out the front door. 

5) Ask your driver if you need additional assistance with your trip.    

Lost and Found

Lost and Found is located at Transit Administration Customer Service Office, 1070 Transit Drive, and is open Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (with the exception of City holidays). Please call 719-385-RIDE (7433) for information regarding lost items. Note: Mountain Metropolitan Transit is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property.

Fare Information

Please visit the Fares & Tickets page for local fare information.  


If it takes more than one bus to reach your destination, ask the driver for a transfer as you board the bus. Transfers are free and issued upon request with a paid fare. Transfers are only good for two hours and three rides on one-way trips.  

Ticket Purchase Locations          


For the safety and comfort of all of our riders, please:       

  • Watch your step while getting on or off the bus.        
  • Offer front seats to elderly and disabled riders.       
  • Have children 5 and younger sit with you or on your lap. Children must be removed from strollers before boarding a bus.     
  • Fold strollers/grocery carts and place away from the aisle.        
  • Load bicycles on the exterior bicycle rack (bicycles are not permitted on the inside of the bus). Listen to music through headphones as a courtesy to other riders.   
  • Transport pets, companion animals, and other non-service animals only in a properly secured, pet-approved, carrier.     
  • Do NOT bring open food or drink containers on the bus.         
  • Do NOT bring flammable liquids, unauthorized firearms or weapons on the bus.       
  • Do NOT smoke on the bus.       
  • Do NOT distract the driver. Remain behind the yellow line near the front doors while riding the bus.        
  • Do NOT use profanity, obscene language or gestures on the bus.          
  • Please wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before leaving your seat.        
  • Exit through the rear doors of the bus whenever possible.        
  • Use caution during wet or icy weather. Steps may be slippery.     

Travel Training

Mountain Metro also offers free travel training classes for the workplace and other groups. Call 719-385-RIDE (7433) for more information. 

Questions? Call 719-385-RIDE (7433)

Senior Ambassador Program

Mountain Metro is proud to offer the community a Senior Ambassador Program to help seniors get acquainted with the city bus system and establish themselves as regular riders.

Senior Ambassadors are currently available to offer one-on-one training to any new rider who is a senior. New riders interested in personalized training in the form of an actual outing on the city bus, can contact Mountain Metro to get connected with an Ambassador.  

Phone: (719) 385- RIDE (7433)


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