Junior Ranger Nature Pack

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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Junior Ranger Nature Pack program is unavailable at this time. We are exploring alternative methods to safely distribute nature packs. Please check back for updates.

The Junior Ranger Nature Pack is a no-cost program available to everyone; however designed for ages 7-13. The Nature Pack is loaded with supplies for fun and educational outdoor activities.  The pack and self-guided activity book encourages children and their families to get out, explore, observe, describe, engage the senses at designated parks falling within the umbrella of the TOPS (Trails Open Space and Parks) program! 

The activities in the book are aligned with Colorado Academic Standards for Science and Social Science and emphasize STEAM education. Each pack is self-contained, and includes all the materials and supplies needed.  Activities can be done at any time during the year.

After completing different portions of the activity book which correspond to specific parks; children can earn Park Expert stickers or finish all the activities from at least five (5) of the listed TOPS parks to earn a Junior Ranger badge.

How to Participate

  1. Reserve your free pack online 
  2. Pick up the pack on the designated day
  3. Return the pack to receive your stickers and/or Junior Ranger Badge, Certificate, and take the Ranger Oath.


Email:  whermann@springsgov.com

Program Partners

  • Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services
  • TOPS Program
  • School District 11
  • The Catamount Institute