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The provisions below are required for this specific occupancy. These are in addition to the general requirements for all buildings. The general requirements may be found here.

Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan: An approved fire safety and evacuation plan shall be prepared and maintained for covered malls exceeding 50,000 square feet in aggregate floor area and for open mall buildings exceeding 50,000 square feet in aggregate area within the perimeter line.

Lease Plan. A lease plan that includes the following information shall be prepared for each covered and open mall building:

  1. Each occupancy, including identification of tenant.
  2. Exits from each tenant space.
  3. Fire protection features, including the  following:
    1. Fire department connections.
    2. Fire command center.
    3. Smoke management system controls.
    4. Elevators, elevator machine rooms and controls.
    5. Hose valve outlets.
    6. Sprinkler and standpipe control valves.
    7. Automatic fire-extinguishing system areas.
    8. Automatic fire detector zones.
    9. Fire barriers.

Lease Plan Approval: The lease plan shall be submitted to the fire code official for approval, and shall be maintained on site for immediate reference by responding fire service personnel.

Lease Plan Revisions: The lease plans shall be revised annually or as often as necessary to keep them current. Modifications or changes in tenants or occupancies shall not be made without prior approval of the fire code official and building official.

Tenant Identification: Tenant identification shall be provided for secondary exits from occupied tenant spaces that lead to an exit corridor or directly to the exterior of the building. Tenant identification shall be posted on the exterior side of the exit or exit access door and shall identify the business name and address using plainly legible letters and numbers that contrast with their background. Exception: Tenant identification is not required for anchor stores.

Unoccupied Tenant Spaces: The fire safety and evacuation plan shall provide for compliance with the requirements for unoccupied tenant spaces in Section 311 of the adopted fire code.