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City Clerk, City Council and Legislative Services

Key Dates

April - June 2024 Advisory Committee Appointed
  • City Council appoints Advisory Committee. The Committee gathers citizen input and gives it to the City Clerk. The City Clerk sets the City Council district boundaries per City Charter.
July - August 2024 Committee and Citizen Input
  • City Clerk will post several option maps to start the conversation on possible changes to the districts. Meetings will be held in each City Council District along with website and social media postings requesting comments. 
August - September 2024 Citizen Input Report
  • Committee reports back to City Council with results from citizen input process.
  • City Clerk works on drafting a preliminary plan
October 2024 Preliminary District Map Released
  • City Clerk releases a preliminary City Council district map and plan for public comment.
November 4 – December 2 2024
  • City Clerk releases final City Council district map
November-December 2024
  • District Process Advisory Committee submits final report to City Council
In Progress


The City Clerk sets the Council District boundaries every four years (per City Charter) to ensure districts remain comparable in population as the city grows. The districts were last re-aligned in 2020 and the City Clerk is now reviewing the districts ahead of the 2025 General Municipal Election. Districts must be substantially equal in population, contiguous, and comply with Voting Rights Act and other pertinent laws. The plan is not approved by the Mayor or City Council.  

City Council has appointed 9 members to the District Process Advisory Committee. The committee will serve as an advisory body to educate the public, assist the City Clerk, and advise City Council on the districting process. The committee will hold at least one public meeting in each council district to solicit public input.  

The City Clerk will release a preliminary City Council district report and map in October after the committee gathers citizen comments. After further opportunity for public input, the City Clerk will prepare the final City Council district report on setting the district boundaries no earlier than November 4 and no later than December 2.  

This project page will be updated with additional information as the process moves forward.

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The six City Council Districts must be re-aligned based on population every four years according to City Code 5.1.3-Election Districts and City Charter 2-10(b).  This review must occur in the even-year prior to the odd-year election.  The districts were last re-aligned in 2016 and it is now time to review the districts prior to the April 1, 2025 General Municipal Election for a four-year term of all six City Council District seats.


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District Process Advisory Committee (DPAC)

The City Council has appointed an advisory committee to aid the City Clerk in gathering citizen input for re-aligning the six City Council districts. The committee consists of seven members representing each of the six City Council districts and one at-large member:

  • District 1 – Hank Scarangella
  • District 2 – Devin Camacho
  • District 3 – Shelly Roehrs
  • District 4 – Jeannie Lira
  • District 5 – Jennifer Dewoody
  • District 6 – Jerde Quattlebaum
  • At-Large – Steven M. Radil
  • Alternate – Sarah B. Jack 
  • Alternate – Matthew Stewart

The District Process Advisory Committee (DPAC) will:

  • Conduct public education efforts
  • Conduct at least one public meeting in each election district to solicit public input
  • Prepare a DPAC preliminary and final report that summarizes the public input and makes a recommendation of election district boundaries

The City Clerk will:

  • Release a preliminary district report and map after the DPAC gathers citizen comment
  • Conduct a public hearing on the City Clerk’s preliminary district report
  • Prepare a final City Clerk district report on setting the district boundaries no earlier than November 4, 2024 and no later than December 2, 2024 pursuant to City Charter