About Water Resources Engineering

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The Colorado Springs Water Resources Engineering Division is dedicated to creating a safer, cleaner, healthier, and more beautiful city through the protection and improvement of our community’s stormwater infrastructure and waterways.  The Division seeks to accomplish these objectives with a comprehensive approach to managing our stormwater resources.

With a strong emphasis on public safety, the Water Resources Engineering Division is dedicated to the responsible management of water runoff generated by rain, snowmelt, and community usage.  The Division focuses on providing the maintenance, infrastructure, and planning necessary to safely convey stormwater and to preserve and protect our City’s stormwater conveyance systems and natural channels as a valuable resource people can enjoy.

The Water Resources Engineering Division also offers outreach programs and educational resources to promote community stewardship of watersheds and the responsible use of water resources. Through collaborative and innovative engineering and management of water resources it strives to be the stormwater industry leader in southern Colorado.