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“The Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department is pleased to announce that we have received permission from El Paso County Public Health to begin offering Park Vending Permits.

Please note that there have been a couple of changes to this year’s policy:

  • We have revised our fee structure and now offer three options:
    • $10/hour (2 hour minimum) – Park Specific
    • $300 (30 days unlimited use during vendor hours) – One Park
    • $1,000 (30 days unlimited use during vendor hours) – Four Parks
  • This year we will require all vendors to sign and return the Vendor Rules & Regulations Document

ALL applications, signed rules and regulations forms, and copies of licensing MUST BE submitted digitally to parks& We will not accept walk in applications or payment in our office until further notice. All payments must be made over the phone by credit card, or by check mailed to our office at 1401 Recreation Way, Colorado Springs, CO 80905. As always, three days notice is required for all permit application and full payment is required before the permit is valid.

In addition to park policies, please be sure that you, your staff and customers are adhering to all state and county guidelines for food service:

Please note, that EPCPH guidelines may change at any time. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in revocation of the vending permit, without refund.”

Park Vendor Permit Application

Hours & Fees

Permit Hours:  8am – 9pm

Permit Fees:

  •        $10/hour (minimum 2 hours) – Park Specific
  •        $300 - 30 days unlimited use during vendor hours - One (1) Park
  •        $1000 - 30 days unlimited use during vendor hours - Four (4) Park Package

Timeframe and Necessary Documents

72 hours’ notice is required to obtain a permit. Application received less than 72 hours in advance will not be accepted. Application dropped off to our office will be added to the queue, and are not guaranteed for same-day processing. A complete application is required each time a permit is requested, including permit renewals.
A vendor must provide proof of the following licenses/inspections. Documents are kept on file until their expiration, and resubmission with each application is not required:

  • State of Colorado Sales Tax License – Colorado Department of Revenue, 4420 Austin Bluffs Parkway, Colorado Springs, CO 80918, (303) 866-3711
  • City of Colorado Springs Sales Tax License – City Sales Tax Office, 30 S. Nevada, Suite 203, Colorado Springs, CO 80903, (719) 385-5903
  • City of Colorado Springs Mobile Food Unit License (if selling food) – City Clerk’s Office, 30 S. Nevada, Suite 101, (719) 385-5901
  • State of Colorado License to Operate a Retail Food Establishment (if selling food) – El Paso County Public Health, 1675 West Garden of the Gods Road, Suite 2044, Colorado Springs, CO 80907, (719) 578-3199
  • Health Inspection Report (if selling food) - El Paso County Public Health, 1675 West Garden of the Gods Road, Suite 2044, Colorado Springs, CO 80907, (719) 578-3199

Vendor must carry liability insurance in the amount of $1 million and provide a certificate of insurance which names the City of Colorado Springs as additional insured by including the following verbiage in the “description of operations” section: “The City of Colorado Springs, its elected officials, employees and volunteers, are included as additional insured with respect to the policies required by the Special Events Permit.” The address for the Certificate Holder must be: The City of Colorado Springs, 30 S Nevada, Colorado Springs, CO 80903


A signed copy of the Park Vendor Rules and Regulations is required for all vendors.

  • Vending Locations: Vendor carts/vehicles must only be located in parking lots/paved surfaces, and cannot block any crosswalks or other pedestrian rights of way. Vendor carts/vehicles are prohibited from driving, parking, or operating on grass/turf. Vendors cannot operate within 300ft of the perimeter of a permitted special event or the Memorial Park Beach House.
  • Parking/Vehicular Access: Motorized vehicles of all types including golf carts, utility vehicles, ATVs, etc., are strictly prohibited on park property, lawns, turf, restricted roadway, bicycle/pedestrian pathways, canal, creek pathways, turf trail or athletic fields. All vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas. All motorized vehicles are prohibited on all trails and grass in City Parks. Access roads are only to be used with prior approval from the Office of Special Events. Driving on the grass or trail will result in fines and possible revocation of vending permits
  • Name/Logo: Vendor’s name or logo shall be displayed on all vending equipment, including trash receptacles
  • Refunds:  No refunds will be issued for unused time, inclement weather or revoked permits.
  • Trash: Vendor must provide a trash receptacle, dispose of own litter and clean area properly. Ordinance No. 9-2-202