Travel Safely at COS

Travel Safely at COS

Wash Your Hands

For at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer until you can wash them

Wear a Face Mask

Masks are available at the Airport

Masks are required in the airport per federal law.

Limit Touch Points

Use mobile boarding passing and carry on your luggage

Practice Social Distancing

Try to keep at least six feet between you and other people​

Arrive Early

To avoid line congestion, arrive for your flight at least two hours before it departs

If You Are Sick Stay Home

Do not enter the airport if you are sick or have a cough or fever

Masks at COS

Federal law requires wearing a mask at all times at COS. Failure to comply may result in penalties under federal law, including removal and denial of re-entry. The Colorado Springs Airport will require all passengers, visitors, tenants, contractors and employees to wear a mask or facial covering while at the Airport, either in the public and concourse areas of the terminal. Masks will be available at no cost and can be picked up at designated locations throughout the airport. Read more about the federal mask order here.

How COS if Keeping You Safe

As the COVID-19 public health emergency remains fluid, COS will continue to work with local and state agencies to ensure that COS continues to follow all recommended practices and procedures from the CDC. 

We have incorporated several measures within our facility to help prevent the spread of disease and increase education and awareness.

Additional hand sanitizing stations strategically placed throughout the Airport.

Increased cleaning frequencies of all flat surfaces like handrails, elevators and bathrooms.

Educational information provided by the CDC is available throughout our facility.

Social distancing floor decals in baggage claim.

Working Together to Stay Safe

COS is working with multiple community partners and agencies to ensure our travelers and community are safe.

Services at the Airport

  • Valet parking operations will be temporarily closed for out-bound travelers.
  • Both long-term and short-term lots are available for travelers.
  • The Colorado Springs Airport Premiere Lounge is open from 4:30 a.m. Monday – Sunday and close after the last scheduled flight.
    • Premier Lounge members will be able to park in long-term parking at no cost and are instructed to use a manned booth when exiting to have their ticket validated.
  • Stay updated on all food and retail services
  • Stay updated on parking and transportation