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Completed Stormwater Projects 


2016 Completed Projects


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Autism Center Channel Stabilization

Location:  2765 Fieldstone Rd.
Scope:  Replaced inadequate debris grates on pipe inlets and graded area to improve stormwater capture into the pipe system.
Benefits:  Reduced the overland flows that were flooding the Autism Center.
Date Completed:  December, 2016 
Cost:  $115,000
Autism Center Channel Stabilization

Autism Center Trap Bags

Location:  2760 Fieldstone Road
Scope:  Construction of flood diversion “trap bags”.
Benefits:  Prevent damage to Autism Center Building from post Waldo Canyon Fire flash floods.  
Date Completed:  August, 2016 
Cost: $26,241

Autism Center Channel Stabilization

Bear Creek 

Location: Bear Creek behind 8th St. Walmart.
Scope:  Stabilize drainage channel and repair drop structure due to 2015 flooding damage.
Benefits:  Prevented further damage to upstream private property and surrounding areas.
Date Completed:  July, 2016
Cost:  $365,285
Before and After picture

Bluestem Court

Location:  4956-4970 Bluestem Court
Scope:  Replace 3 driveway cuts, sidewalk and improve the entrance to the small trapezoidal channel for efficiency.
Benefits:  Prevent flooding of homes.  
Date Completed:  December, 2016 
Cost: $17,600
Bluestem Court

Camp Creek Channel Stabilization through Garden of the Gods

Location:  Camp Creek within Garden of the Gods Park and Rock Ledge Ranch
Scope:  Natural Resources Conservation Service project to stabilize the natural channel through Garden of the Gods Park and Rock Ledge Ranch utilizing natural channel design techniques.
Benefits:  To address the 2015 flood damages along Camp Creek and prevent further erosion through the park while reducing sediment transport downstream.
Date Completed:  October, 2016 
Cost:  $1,313,446

Camp Creek Before and After

Cheyenne Meadows Park

Location:  Cheyenne Meadows Park along the Clover Ditch
Scope:  Replaced failed pedestrian crossing of the ditch and improved drainage conditions in the surrounding area.
Benefits:  Allows safe pedestrian access to areas south of the park, specifically students walking to the elementary school from north residential areas.
Date Completed:  September, 2016 
Cost:  $119,000

cheyenne meadows park

Cheyenne Road and Fenmoor

Install Cross-pan at Fenmoor and Upgrade Pedestrian Ramps.  
The intersection better transfers all stormwater to creek.
Cheyenne Rd and Fenmoor

Cheyenne Road at Manor

Install new cross-pan and Ped ramps to correct drainage issues.
Cheyenne Rd Manor

Cottonwood Creek

Cost: $216,418 
Funding Source:
Project Description: Replacement of a failed drop-structure
Year Completed: 2016

Cottonwood Creek 2

Cost: $354,900 
Funding Source:
Project Description: Channel stabilization and embankment repair
Year Completed: 2016

E. Dale Street

Location: E. Dale St. below the Fine Arts Museum
Funding Source: General Fund
Project Description: Replace 375 linear feet of failed clay stormsewer below the Fine Arts Museum.  
Year: 2016

East Fork Sand Creek Bank Repairs across from Wildflower Park

Location: Wildfower Park near Aspenglow Ln.
Scope:   Rebuild north side streambank of Sand Creek while armoring with boulders and revegetating streambank.
Benefits:   The floods of 2015 and 2016 severely damaged the streambank and significant erosion threatened private property.  Armoring the streambanks with boulders has stabilized the channel and the properties are no longer in danger of slope failure caused by erosion.
Date Completed:  September, 2016
Cost: $138,570

Flying "W" at Stonebridge

Location:  Flying W Ranch Road and Stoneridge Drive
Scope:  Install a flood barrier protection at the end of Stoneridge directing flows into South Douglas Drainage Channel. 
Benefits:  Prevents flooding of adjacent neighborhood from post Waldo Canyon Fire flash floods.
Date Completed:  November, 2016 
Cost:  $87,446

Before and After picture

Heatherdale Pipe Repair 

Location:  Heatherdale Dr. & Sather Dr. near the Rock Island Trail.
Scope:  Replacement of a collapsed 84”storm pipeline.
Benefits:  Prevented damage to adjacent properties, to include fences, as well as protecting the Rock Island Trail.  
Date Completed:  September, 2016 

LaSalle and Howard

Replace 80lf of the bottom of the Concrete Box Culvert under Rock Island Trail at Constitution, Install Trash Rack over 60” CMP, Replace Chain link fence with handrail and Install 400 LF of 3’  high berm to direct overflow.
E LaSalle Howard SWEM 16011

Monica Street Channel

Location: Deerfield Hills 
Scope:  Removed and replaced 150 feet of damaged and undermined concrete channel.
Benefits:  Restored concrete channel to original condition which will prevent further damage to the channel.  The restoration will also reduce potential higher repair costs in the future.
Date Completed:  September, 2015
Cost:  $63,433

Mountain Shadows Illicit Discharge

Location: Stoneridge Drive
Cost: $96,394 
Funding Source: General Fund
Project Description: Find Property responsible for a wastewater cross-connection to the underdrain/Storm Sewer System in Mountain Shadows
Year Completed: 2016

Monteagle Street

Location: 1345 Monteagle St.
Funding Source: General Fund
Project Description: Drainage sheet flows across street an collects on private property
Year Completed: 2016

North Custer Demolition

Location: 1522 N. Custer Ave.
Funding Source: General Fund
Project Description: Purchase and Demolition flood-damaged residence
Year: 2016

North Douglas Creek Channel

Cost: $60,566 
Funding Source:
Project Description: Sediment removal
Year: 2016

Paseo and Lees

Location: Paseo Drive and Lees Lane 
Scope:  Improve stormwater flow conveyance to adjacent drainage channel in order to reduce flooding of roadway and residences.
Benefits:  Improved drainage and reduced flood hazard in roadway.
Date Completed:  December, 2016
Cost:  $81,279
Before and After picture

Ranch Circle

Location:  Ranch Circle & Ridgeglen Rd.
Scope:  Improved poor drainage in cul-de-sac by installing concrete swale and replacing curb & gutter.
Benefits:  Residential cul-de-sac froze over in winter months due to inadequate drainage.  Now, water drains away from homes and flows into an improved drainage system.
Date Completed:  August, 2016 
Cost:  $62,553
Before and After picture

S. Rockrimmon Blvd. at Pro Rodeo Dr.

The repairs stabilized the downstream channel and rebuilt damaged portions of the bridge.  Stream grade has been restored and will reduce erosion and sedimentation downstream, which improves water quality.  
Pro Rodeo BA

Sand Creek Pond 3

Crews have just finished a new retention pond off Woodmen Rd. just east of Black Forest Road designed to reduce flooding, stabilize the channel along Sand Creek and improve water quality. It’s the first project to be completed as part of the City’s commitment to spend $19 million a year to improve stormwater programs and infrastructure. To find out more about why stormwater is so important to our community, go to

sand creek detention pond 3 bna pic

Santa Rosa Storm Sewer

Location: Chelton Rd. and Santa Rosa St.
Funding Source: General Fund
Project Description: Replace existing storm sewer with larger-capacity pipes better capable of conveying a 100 year storm event.
Year: 2016

 31st Street Channel

Cost: $35,047 
Funding Source:
Project Description:  Channel repair and rehabilitation
Year Completed: 2016

Union Blvd. & Mirage

Cost: $157,330 
Funding Source:
Project Description: Drainage infrastructure and repair
Year Completed: 2016

West Fork Sand Creek

Construction crews finished an emergency repair project in July 2016 to stabilize the channel on West Fork Sand Creek near Maizeland Road and Radiant Drive. The City has been working with FEMA to repair the channel after 2015 storms eroded part of the channel and a private property immediately behind it. However, the June 12 storm caused further damage prompting City officials to make emergency repairs to hold the channel until the permanent fix could be made.

Repairs have held up well thanks to the thorough job done by crews that we will not have to go in again later this summer to make additional repairs. This means the FEMA dollars for this project can now be applied to other higher priority needs in the city that qualify