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Colorado Springs Sister Cities

A map of all of the Sister Cities that Colorado Springs shares

The concept of Sister Cities arose in President Eisenhower’s People to People Conference Speech on September 11th 1956, where he popularized people-to-people diplomacy.  The City of Colorado Springs became a member of Sister Cities International (SCI) in 1962. SCI is a non-profit citizen diplomacy network seeking stronger economic and cultural ties at the municipal level between US and international communities. The City of Colorado Springs is open to establishing sister city relationships that promote understanding and foster relationships among individuals, communities, and cities of the world through cultural, economic, educational and humanitarian activities in conjunction with local sponsoring affiliation organizations.

The City of Colorado Springs currently partners with 7 cities all over the world.

  • Fujiyoshida, Japan: February 1962 
  • Kaohsiung, Taiwan: April 1983
  • Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan: April 1994
  • Nuevo Casas Grande, Mexico: December 1996
  • Canterbury-Bankstown, Australia: November 1999
  • Ancient Olympia, Greece: April 2014
  • Kranj, Slovenia: May 2022

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Sister Cities International

Sister Cities International logo

Sister Cities International is a nonprofit citizen diplomacy network that creates and strengthens partnerships between U.S. and international communities. We strive to build global cooperation at the municipal level, promote cultural understanding and stimulate economic development. 

Sister Cities International is a leader for local community development and volunteer action. We motivate and empower private citizens, municipal officials and business leaders to conduct long-term sister city programs. We believe that sister city programs involve two-way communication and should mutually benefit partnering communities. 

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Learn about our Sister Cities

Become a Sister City

Colorado Springs can develop a sister city relationship with another city for reasons including, but not limited to historical, governmental, educational or humanitarian purposes. The ideal sister city relationship is based upon two cities having similarities on which activities and exchanges can be built. The key criteria for selection include: 

  • Citizens in both cities demonstrating an interest in affiliating 
  • Governments in both cities demonstrating an interest in affiliating 
  • A sponsor affiliation organization, or advocate group, interested in supporting the relationship between the two cities 
  • The ability of the citizens of both cities to communicate with each other 
  • The ability of citizens of both cities to travel to the other respective city 
  • Capability for activities between the two cities to be developed in numerous areas such as cultural, educational, medical, governmental, economic, and humanitarian 
  • Evidence that the relationship would be sustainable over time.

Currently, the City of Colorado Springs is not accepting new Sister City applications, however, we welcome international municipal leadership visits to the Mayor’s Office. For more information, contact Sallie Clark at