Policies & General Orders of Public Interest

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Below are General Orders (GO) that the CSPD believes are of interest to the general public. A General Order, or GO for short, is set of standards, rules and guidelines that the employees of the CSPD are expected to adhere to in their daily work. General Orders are "living" documents that are constantly reviewed for relevance and continued applicability.

There is no charge to view or download the listed policies.  Please check back often for new "GOs" that have been posted.

GO 705: Use of Force

GO 710: Reporting Use of Force

GO 743: Search Warrants

GO 755: Field Interviews

GO 815: Deadly Force Investigations

               Deadly Force Memorandum of Understanding

GO 840: Identifications

GO 844: Live Identifications

GO 850: Sequential Photographic Identifications

GO 1301: Treatment of the Public

GO 1303: Fair and Impartial Policing

GO 1551: Recording of Police Activity

GO 1650: Employee Conduct

GO 1655: Police Officer Conduct

If you have any questions about the above General Orders, please contact us at (719) 444-7000.