CSPD Salary & Benefits

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Effective in 2020, salary for a new hire police recruit is $27.23 per hour.

The starting salary for those applicants who qualify for a lateral position is $36.34 per hour.

All new hires will start off as Recruits while attending our training academy.  Upon graduation, Recruits are promoted to Police Officer 4th Class (P4).  Each year, on their graduation anniversary, officers are promoted to the next higher grade, P3, P2 and then to P1.  (Lateral Officers join our agency as a P2.) 

Below is the monthly pay scale for each grade:

Rank Monthly Pay Rate Hourly Rate
Police Commander $11,932.622100 $68.842051
Police Lieutenant $10,643.443200 $61.404480
Police Sergeant $9,122.679100 $52.630841
Police Officer 1st $7,437.969900 $42.911365
Police Officer 2nd $6,488.464400 $37.433448
Police Officer 3rd $5,887.995000 $33.969202
Police Officer 4th $5,342.692400 $30.823225
Police Recruit $4,862.104700 $28.050604

Benefits through the City of Colorado Springs include medical, dental, vision, basic life insurance, voluntary term life insurance, health care spending account, dependent care spending account, short-term disability, long-term disability care, long-term care, employee assistance program, longevity pay, uniforms, sworn pension, sworn vacation, sick leave, vacation buy, holidays, FMLA, funeral leave, education assistance, deferred compensation, Medicare and COBRA. For additional information about our benefits.

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