Communication Center Positions

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The Colorado Springs Police Department seeks candidates who are confident, composed, flexible, adaptable, tolerant, and can work effectively as ERTs in its cutting edge, fast-paced Communications Center. To apply, click here

Emergency Response Technician (ERT)

Essential Job Functions - the basic job duties an employee must be able to perform:
  • Receive, prioritize, and respond to 911 emergency and non-emergency calls for police, fire, and medical assistance and information; determine appropriate jurisdictions and services needed; transfer callers to proper agencies; and provide public safety personnel with accurate information
  • Provide EMD (Emergency Medical Dispatch) self-help and pre-arrival instructions to callers; maintain continuous telephone contact with callers during emergency situations until police, medical, and fire personnel make personal contact
  • Use a CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) computer terminal or a manual system to notify dispatchers of needed police/medical/fire response; act as a link between police/fire personnel, dispatch, department personnel, and other agencies
  • Update personnel en route to calls by accurately relaying information and messages
  • Enter and retrieve information from computer systems such as the NCIC (National Crime Information Computer) and the CCIC (Colorado Crime Information Computer) through the CBI (Colorado Bureau of Investigations) network; place and receive calls for people who are deaf by operating TTY communications equipment
  • Deal calmly with the public in emergency situations; complete several tasks simultaneously
  • Enter information regarding towed and repossessed vehicles
  • Provide on-the-job training for new communications personnel


We are looking for candidates who demonstrate:
  • Knowledge of public safety dispatching and/or call taking protocols
  • Ability to comprehend critical information to ensure proper resources are dispatched
  • Ability to make quick and lucid decisions
  • Ability to accurately type 40 net words per minute
  • Ability to successfully pass the CritiCall testing series
  • This position requires excellent decision-making and communication skills, good judgment, and the ability to multi-task while maintaining a high degree of emotional self-control. The ability to handle stressful, negative, and sometimes aggressive situations in also required.


Successful candidate will have:
  • High school diploma or GED
  • Possess, or obtain within six months of hire, the following certifications: CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation), CBI (Colorado Bureau of Investigation), Priority Dispatch Systems TM (Emergency Medical Dispatcher, Emergency Police Dispatch, and Emergency Fire Dispatch), and certification through the National Academy of Emergency Dispatch 


Ideal candidates will also have:
  • Specialized training in dispatch communications or a related field
  • Experience working in a public safety setting, including public safety dispatch experience
  • Experience with CJIS, CAD, NCIC, and CCIC computer systems
  • Current CPR certification and EMD, EPD, and EFD certifications
  • Bilingual (Spanish)


 Apply to Join Our Team
  • Please visit Colorado Springs Jobs and click on ‘Apply for a City Career’ > ‘City Career Postings – Apply Now’ button to complete an online application. All job applicants will need to create a new login and online application (unless you already have a NEOGOV/ user ID and password).
  • Completing your application in full, including the entire work experience section, will assist Human Resources (HR) in the applicant screening process. Your application may not be considered if all of the information requested for each employer you list is not provided.
  • Our NEOGOV application system does not allow you to edit your application after it has been submitted for a position. If you want to make changes, you may submit another application prior to the position’s closing date and time listed in the job posting. HR will review the last application you submit for a position.