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The Citizen Advisory Committees (CAC) represent their neighborhoods in serving as a conduit between the community and the local police division.  As a member of the CAC, you will:

  • Provide feedback to the CSPD regarding community interests and opinions.
  • Use skills to aid the CSPD staff on tasks and requests.
  • Positively represent the CSPD in community relations.
  • Serve as community advocates for the department.
  • Conduct community outreach to citizens.

Qualifications for prospective members:

  • Be a law-abiding citizen with good intent.
  • Pass required background and reference checks.
  • Have a strong belief that to create a safe community requires citizens being involved.
  • Requires a one-year minimum commitment.
  • Must complete a ride-along with a sworn member of the CSPD.

Benefits to volunteers

  • Represent your neighborhood at your local police division.
  • Meet regularly with your local police division crime prevention officer and division command staff.
  • Public speaking opportunities
  • Community connections
  • Opportunity to participate in volunteer trainings not open to the public

For information regarding the CAC, please contact the Crime Prevention Officer for your area:

Sand Creek Division:  719-444-7276
Stetson Hills Division:  719-444-3168
Falcon Division:  719-444-7246
Gold Hill Division:  719-444-7593