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Calendar Event Date: 
Wed. July 19th, 2017 -
05:00pm to 08:00pm
Lincoln Center, 2727 North Cascade Avenue, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907
Check in and Registration begin at 5 pm
Presentations will begin promptly at 5:30 
Light Refreshments will be provided.

Colorado Springs city leaders, including Mayor John Suthers, City Council members, and others from around the city want to engage younger perspectives for input into PlanCOS, a comprehensive plan that will help inform and guide the city's growth for the next 20+ years.

Envision COS will be an interactive presentation and opportunity for younger perspective with big ideas to have your voices heard. We are listening, and want to know what is it that will make our community successful in the future? What needs to happen in our community for YOUR success? What will help you engage with the process of making our city one you are proud to call home?

Presentations will be followed by an open house and networking opportunities with city leaders and discounts at several of the businesses located in Lincoln Center.

themes to focus the conversation

Majestic Landscapes

Celebrates its location at the base of America’s Mountain and as a gateway to the Rockies, preserves its magnificent views and iconic sites, and creates engaging natural areas.

Renowned Culture

Promotes the arts, culture, and education as essential parts of life. Embraces our identity and assets as Olympic City USA. This builds on the efforts of General Palmer and many others that envisioned culture as the cornerstone of the community and where creative energy generates new possibilities, interpersonal connections and unprecedented philanthropy.

Vibrant Neighborhoods

Forms diverse and safe neighborhoods with quality gathering areas, a variety of employment, a mix of housing types and transportation choices, and a shared sense of citywide pride.

Strong Connections

Adapts to how we move by transforming our corridors to support our future generations’ health and mobility needs, enhancing economic vibrancy, upgrading infrastructure, and improving regional connectivity.

Unique Urban Places

Centers on a vibrant Downtown and is strengthened by reinvesting in walkable, healthy, and interesting urban spaces that are located in new and reinvented areas within our defined City boundary.

Thriving Economy

Fosters an environment of inclusivity and economic diversity by attracting an innovative and adaptive workforce, investing in quality of life, supporting its military and sports ecosystem as associated with Olympic City USA, and fostering existing and targeted employment sectors.

Have you taken Survey #2 yet? If not, take 5 minutes to give us your input on the Vision Themes:

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