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PlanCOS Vision

Values our natural and man-made outdoor spaces and celebrates our location at the base of America's Mountain by designing a city oriented around our iconic landmarks. We ensure our community can engage with and enjoy these places through an integrated system of parks, streetscapes, and natural areas.

Key Strategies

  • Examine all options to identify and increase sustainable funding
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Infrastructure amenities to facilitate events and engagement
  • Education about environmental stewardship and recreation
  • Coordinated stormwater, parks, transportation, and recreation projects
  • upgraded maintenance and operations standards
  • Updated development requirements
  • Increased the quality and resilience of built landscapes
  • Update Commercial Landscape Code

Importance of Landscapes

Our citizens and City government place a high priority on the natural environment–protecting natural features, minimizing impacts of environmental hazards, and conserving natural resources. Both the sustainability and enjoyment of our natural environment depend on healthy and maintained green infrastructure connections integrated with parks, streetscapes, and open spaces.

Our city's quality of life is enhanced through the preservation of open space and greenways and the improvement of parks, streetscapes, and other built landscapes. These designated areas, including riparian areas, foothills, bluffs and mesas, and mature vegetation, provide a regional asset on which people and wildlife depend. Appropriately managed healthy vegetation in both natural areas and the built environment help mitigate natural hazards and improves water quality. Open spaces, parks, streetscapes, and rights-of-way, and greenways provide wildlife habitat, help shape growth, maintain scenic vistas, and provide non-motorized transportation and recreational opportunities for residents and visitors. In certain areas, they also accommodate infrastructure corridors.

This chapter establishes policies to preserve, protect, and integrate the significant features of our city’s natural environment with the built environment through open space conservation and development standards and guidelines for all of our outdoor spaces. Strategies will help minimize risks posed by environmental hazards and protect and conserve our natural and economic resources.