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Relevant Plans and their relationship To PlanCOS

While PlanCOS provides overarching guidance, numerous City plans provide additional detail required for effective application and implementation of this Vibrant Neighborhoods Chapter. Of particular importance will be publicly and privately initiated neighborhood-specific master plans. Used in conjunction with the overall themes and ideas in PlanCOS, these plans should be relied on to allow for and articulate land use and other area-specific recommendations for the neighborhoods they address. As existing plans are updated and new plans created, these plans should support the themes of PlanCOS

Where a discrepancy exists between small area plans and the City’s Comprehensive Plan, the more specific plan should generally take precedence particularly if these plans are up-to-date and are reflective of the key elements of this theme. New and updated Neighborhood Plans should follow the guidelines and vision of PlanCOS and include its common desired elements. Links to relevant plans are found below.

City Adopted Neighborhood, Corridor, and Master Plans

See full list of plans: Appendix D (with hyperlink)

Privately Initiated Master Plans

Developers and property owners within the area should be expected to rely on active and previously approved, privately initiated master plans providing they have not expired. Amendments to these plans should be reviewed for consistency with PlanCOS. Additionally, PlanCOS is expected to be used for relevant guidance in the review of the more detailed development applications that follow from these master plans, in cases where the original master plan does not provide sufficient guidance. Land use applications in implemented privately initiated master plans should similarly be fully reviewed for PlanCOS consistency.

See full list of plans: Appendix D (with hyperlink)

Other Important Citywide Plans

Other City plans will be particularly applicable to this Vibrant Neighborhoods theme and chapter depending on the context of the decision. These should be considered in conjunction with PlanCOS. The Intermodal Transportation Plan, and one or more of its elements, will often have significant applicability. Likewise, the Parks Plan will have direct applicability in many cases. The City’s Historic Preservation Plan and its area-specific plans and design guidelines will have obvious importance for the older areas of the city they address.

Partner Entity Plans

See full list of plans: Appendix D (with hyperlink)

Other Measures

Through the creations, implementation and update of publicly and privately initiated plans, it may be appropriate to track and measure additional indicators as it relates to the Vibrant Neighborhood vision and policy direction. Such indicators could include the following: 

  • Accessory Dwelling Units: New dwelling units built on parcels that already have housing on them
  • Housing and Transportation Affordability Index: A nationally available index that measures the combined cost of housing and transportation for a city or area within it.