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Relevant Plans and their relationship to PlanCOS

While PlanCOS provides our overarching vision and guidance for renowned culture, other city plans should be relied on for the necessary detail required for implementation. The City’s pending public art plan and related future efforts will articulate the vision and goals for this key aspect of arts and culture. Because of the intersection of outdoor space with civic engagement, the City’s Parks, Recreation, Trails, and Open Space Master Plan will all play an important role. Similarly, because Downtown is identified as the cultural heart of the region, the Experience Downtown Master Plan will be an essential guiding element.

The pending 2018 Historic Preservation Plan should be used, along with the area-specific plans it references, to more specifically articulate our vision for the role of history and historic places in our physical development culture.

Public and privately initiated master plans may also provide important direction for renowned culture, depending on their content and areas of focus. Going forward, the expectation is that publicly initiated master plans, such as corridor and small area plans, should address this Renowned Culture theme as appropriate and pertinent. Privately initiated master plans are encouraged to address this theme within the context of their anticipated physical development. As existing plans are updated and new plans created, these plans should support the themes of PlanCOS. In cases of discrepancy between more detailed elements of the Comprehensive Plan, alignment with the vision of PlanCOS should be considered in the use and application of these plans.

Links to particularly relevant plans are found below. Privately initiated master plans should also be considered to further implementation.

City Adopted Plans

Partner Entity Plans

See full list of plans: Appendix D

Other Measures

Through the creation, implementation, and update of publicly and privately initiated plans, it may be appropriate to track and measure additional indicators as it relates to the Renowned Culture vision and policy direction. Such indicators could include the following:

  • Percent of population within walking distance of a grocery store (10-minute walk or 1/4 mile distance)