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The following Renowned Culture keystone indicators are representative of primary measures of the strength of our arts, cultural, and educational resources over the long term. Although there is a strong high-level correlation between our plan for physical development and these indicators, it is recognized that they will often not be directly applicable to individual development plans or to city initiatives. When considered together, these renowned culture indicators provide a measure of the ongoing activity that is indicative of a rich culture throughout the city. A full list and description of all indicators is in Chapter 8: Adaptable Implementation.

  1. Creative Vitality Index: An annual measure for creative activity. It couples creative occupation, industry sales, and nonprofits data into a nationally comparable index by population.
  2. Number of Creative Jobs: Part of the Creative Vitality Suite that annually measures the number of jobs within creative job classifications.
  3. Creative Industry Earnings:  Part of the Creative Vitality Suite that annually measures the earnings of creative industries.