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1. Check hours of operation

  • Verify operating hours before you hike. Hours change seasonally.
  • If someone is picking you up,make sure they get through the uphill gate before it closes.
  • Don't assume transportation will be available. Have a plan B.
  • All persons entering Gateway are subject to posted toll rate

2. Check Mountain Conditions

  • Conditions change drastically and quickly throughout the day.
  • Access to the summit is weather dependent.
  • Barr Trail Hikers: Check in at Barr Camp to verify favorable summit conditions.
  • Ensure you have proper gear and water.
  • If the Highway and/or summit is closed to visitors, parties will not be able to pick up hikers for transport

3. If you will not make the summit by the posted hours - turn around.

Requests for transport will be subject to transport and after hours fees. 

Transport and After-Hour Fee

$20/personTransport during normal operating hours
$100/person/hourAfter hours transport: If the Pikes Peak Highway is closed but staff is still on site, this is the minimum charge based on circumstances.

After Hours Response: If a person requests assistance after hours, this is the minimum charge based on circumstances.

Pikes Peak will only transport as a matter of safety within the Pikes Peak Highway Corridor. Persons on the trails or in distress should call 911 for assistance and Search and Rescue support.