Mountain Metro Bus Service Reductions

To follow the Safer at Home Order implemented by Governor Jared Polis (effective Monday, April 27, 2020), only use public transportation for necessary travel, such as going to or from a job, grocery shopping, or getting medical care. 

People riding on public transit must comply with social distancing requirements to the greatest extent possible.

Reduced Passenger Capacity

Beginning Monday, January 4, 2021, Mountain Metro will reduce the capacity of our fixed-route buses to 50 percent to follow the State of Colorado’s COVID-19 guidance for public transportation providers. Buses will have a head sign at the top of the bus saying “Capacity Full” when the bus has reached its capacity limit. Passengers will need to sit in a seat while riding and cannot stand in the aisle.

  • 40-foot bus = 20 passengers maximum
  • 35-foot bus = 17 passengers maximum
  • 29-foot bus = 14 passengers maximum

Service Reductions

Mountain Metro is experiencing a shortage of reporting bus drivers and will run a modified schedule until further notice. 

Detailed information including the days, times, and routes of confirmed positive bus drivers can be found here or by calling 385-7433.

All modified hours are updated in Google Real-Time. For trip planning, and real-time arrival information, we highly recommend using My Next Bus with Google Maps.

    Weekday Service Reductions:

    Mountain Metro will run on reduced level service until further notice.

    • Cancelled Routes: 38 and 40
    • Route 1 is reduced from 15 minute frequency to 30 minute frequency. Route 1 buses departing the terminal at the top and middle of the hour (:00 and :30) will not operate.
    • Route 27 is reduced from 15 minute frequency to 30 minute frequency. Route 27 buses departing the Citadel and PPCC at the top and middle of the hour (:00 and :30) will not operate.

    Saturday Service Reductions:

    Mountain Metro transit drivers are currently receiving their COVID-19 vaccines. Due to the driver shortage, Mountain Metro will reduce the weekday frequencies of Routes 1, 7, and 27 beginning Saturday, March 27, until further notice.

    • Routes 1, 7, and 27 are reduced to 60 minute frequency.
    • Routes 1 and 7 will depart the terminal at 15 minutes after the hour.
    • Route 27 departs the Citadel at 47 minutes after the hour. Route 27 departs PPCC at 14 minutes after the hour.

    Mountain Metropolitan Transit provides local fixed-route bus service and Metro Mobility ADA paratransit service for Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region. All buses use clean diesel technology and are wheelchair-lift equipped. Mountain Metropolitan Transit also provides other services such as Metro Rides’ ridesharing, vanpool, and bicycling programs. For added convenience, there are bike racks on all buses for riders who want to utilize the bike-n-bus program. For additional information regarding Mountain Metropolitan Transit please visit is external), or call (719) 385-RIDE (7433).