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Help keep our city beautiful! Keeping your neighborhood clean, and encouraging those around you to do the same, is one of the best ways citizens of Colorado Springs can help to #KeepItCleanCOS.

Keep It Clean PSA.mp4

Keep It Clean PSA.mp4

Got 1 minute? 1 hour? Even longer? Read more below to learn how you can help, with any time constraint.


What you can do

Report trash with the GoCOS! app

Only have one minute to help? By using the GoCOS! app, you can report trash to let city officials know areas in Colorado Springs that could use some attention.

Report Trash

You can also download the GoCOS! app on Android or Apple devices.

Join a trash mob

Only have an hour? Gather some of your friends and attend a Trash Mob! Trash Mobs last only an hour, and rely on members of the community to rally together to clean-up a specific area of the city that needs extra help.

You can follow this link to learn more about Trash Mobs, and to see the schedule for upcoming events.

Coordinate a neighborhood clean-up

Have an afternoon to set aside? Coordinate a neighborhood clean-up! The city will provide dumpsters, bags, gloves, and even safety vests if it’s required for the area.

You can follow this link to learn more about Neighborhood Clean-ups, and how you can get involved in the planning process.

Adopt part of your city

Ready to go all in? Those ready to fully dive into #KeepItCleanCOS can participate by Adopting a waterway, trail, highway or even a park! By “adopting” a part of Colorado Springs, you will be responsible for cleaning the area 2-4 times a year. Don’t worry! The City will be happy to provide bags and gloves, as well as haul away service when you complete the cleaning.

Groups are encouraged to “adopt” together as well!

You can follow this link to learn more about adopting a waterway, a highway, or a park/ trail.

Be an involved neighbor

Creating good relationships with neighbors and sharing pride in your neighborhood can help make events like neighborhood clean-ups and trash mobs even more fun!

On windy-days it’s important to bring trash cans inside as soon as possible to prevent them blowing over and making a mess. It’s always nice to have neighbors who can help you with this!

You can go to the CONO website and learn more about being an involved neighbor

Be a responsible business owner

Business owners can play a key role in helping keep the city clean. Here are a few ways you can look out for the community, and your business:

  • Keep trash bins, cans, and dumpsters  closed and locked.
  • Keep trash enclosures clean and doors closed/locked if present.
  • Promptly pick up trash that falls onto ground when loading bins, cans, and dumpsters.
  • Report unkempt trash cans, bins, or dumpsters to code enforcement by calling 444-7891.
  • If you witness people or animals getting into trash dumpsters call code enforcement at 444-7891.

Even more ways to help

There are lots of partners and volunteer groups that also work hard to keep our city clean.

Award Nomination Form

Do you know a person or community group that has made a significant contribution to helping keep Colorado Springs clean? Someone who works extra hard in their community to make it look nice or an organization that helps with neighborhood cleanups? Help highlight their accomplishments by nominating them for the “Spirit of the Springs KeepItCleanCOS” Award. Deadline is August 26th.



Register your event

Email Web Team at with a link to your event, your contact information, and date and time, and we will post your event here to help you get some recognition! A special visit from the mayor is even possible when you register your event!

Not interested in putting on your own neighborhood clean-up? Keep an eye out on this page and find an event to volunteer at!

Current events:

Check back!

The Fabulous Four street sweepers

The results are in! Thanks to everyone who took time to vote in our Sweep 16 street sweeper naming contest! Here are the names of our Fabulous Four street sweepers!






For those who wish to host their own neighborhood clean-up, the city offers a wide variety of help where applicable. Be sure to download the #KeepItCleanCOS neighborhood clean-up flyer to use, and register your event on the next tab for help with the following:

  • Gloves
  • Trashbags
  • Haul-away when applicable

A #KeepItCleanCOS neighborhood clean-up flyer is available for download here.