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City Signs Contract with Global SuperTanker Services, LLC


City of Colorado Springs Signs Public Contract with Global SuperTanker Services, LLC


Colorado Springs, CO. - The City of Colorado Springs has entered into a Call When Needed (CWN) public contract with Global SuperTanker Services, LLC. With over 36,000 addresses in the wildland urban interface (WUI) Fire Chief Collas was happy to announce that “Our City and the fire department took the necessary steps to engage is a contract with the Global SuperTanker, a one of a kind firefighting asset, that doesn’t cost our citizens anything, unless we call upon it during a disaster.  We are always looking for ways to ensure the safety of our community while being financially responsible. ”The Global SuperTanker is what is known as a Very Large Air Tanker (VLAT) and has the following firefighting capabilities:

  • Capable of delivering up to 20,000 gallons of water and/or retardant on wildfire
  • Flying at 600 mph is capable of eight segmented drops of its pay load
  • Qualified to fly on State and Federal lands to assist with ground fire suppression efforts.
  • The Global Supertanker is without equal in the aerial tanker fleet and is capable of flight profiles unavailable to any other tanker aircraft.

The SuperTanker is a phenomenal resource that the Colorado Springs Fire Department has drafted into its operational plan to protect our citizens and City assets against the threat of wildfire.  

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The Colorado Springs Fire Department is an Internationally Accredited Fire Department that provides world class fire and emergency service to our community. There are 22 fire stations staffed with emergency response resources that can be deployed throughout the city in order to reach an incident within 8 minutes from the time of the call 90% of the time. The Colorado Springs Fire Department provides fire, medical, public education, code enforcement and wildfire mitigation services.  You can get more information by following us at: or