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Historic Preservation


Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HP)

The Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HP) was created by the Colorado Springs City Council in 1988 to:

  1. Designate, preserve, protect, enhance and perpetuate those structures and areas which reflect outstanding elements of the City's cultural, artistic, environmental, social, economic, political, architectural, historic or other heritage;
  2. Foster civic pride in the beauty and accomplishments of the past;
  3. Stabilize or improve the aesthetic and economic vitality and values of such structures and areas;
  4. Protect and enhance the City's attraction to tourists and visitors;
  5. Promote the use of outstanding historical or architectural structures or districts for the education, enjoyment and welfare of the people of the City;
  6. Promote good urban and architectural design in new infill buildings and rehabilitation of existing buildings including the preservation of related private and public open spaces; and,
  7. Promote and encourage continued private ownership and utilization of buildings and other structures now so owned and used, to the extent that the objectives listed above can be attained under such a policy. To learn more about the HPOZ, please refer to the Historic Preservation Ordinance Summary.

Compliance with Historic Design Standards Properties zoned with the HP Overlay must request a Report of Acceptability from the Historic Preservation Board prior to obtaining a building permit. Requests for Report of Acceptability must be made to the Land Use Review Office at 30 S. Nevada Avenue, Suite 105 no later than the second or fourth Friday of the month to be scheduled for the next Minor Works Committee meeting. The Minor Works Committee meets every second and fourth Tuesday of the month in the Land Use Review Offices. The application for a Report of Acceptability, a narrative referencing the applicable design standards and four sets of architectural exhibits must accompany any submittal.

Historic Preservation Board

Visit the Boards, Commissions & Committees section for information about the Historic Preservation Board.