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Please help clear curbs & gutters to avoid flooding risk


Mayor and another city worker clean street gutters after wind stormCOLORADO SPRINGS, Colo – Excessive debris created by the recent windstorm has the potential to strain storm drains across the city. While street sweepers continue to clear, debris that is too heavy for the sweepers to collect is being piled for later pickup by city crews. Unswept debris has the potential to flow into vital drainage systems, creating blockages that could cause flooding during the next rain or snow storm.

City sweepers have been working nights since the storm and have cleared some of the hardest hit areas in their entirety, but debris continues to accumulate and present issues. The debris problem spans the city, creating an extremely large footprint.

“Public Works is doing all it can to collect debris, but we certainly could use the help of our citizens in tackling this citywide problem,” said Richard Mulledy, the City’s Stormwater division manager. “As fast as we work, we simply don’t have the staff to clean every gutter in the city immediately, so we are asking for residents’ help.”

The problem is further exacerbated by residents who are blowing debris from their yards into streets and gutters.

“We ask people to remember that the drains on their streets are there for a very functional and important reason. Clogging them up could create serious flooding on their own streets and properties,” Mulledy added.

To report a blocked drain, residents are asked to call the City’s Stormwater Division at 719-385-ROAD or they may report via the City’s free GoCoSprings App.

Please Note: Media is welcome to use the attached photos, showing Mayor John Suthers Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Director Karen Palus lifting shovels of debris from around a drain on Cache La Poudre.

Video is and higher resolution photos and video are available as a courtesy here:

Richard Mulledy is available for media interviews this afternoon. Please call or text 719-640-5694 to schedule.