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Reporting Fraud


FRAUD PREVENTION AND DETECTION POLICY The City Auditor has established a  Fraud Prevention and Detection Policy to facilitate the development of controls which will aid in the prevention and detection of unlawful or wasteful acts (commonly called Fraud and Abuse) relating to the City of Colorado Springs operations and its enterprises.   The City Auditor and several staff members have received specialized training in fraud prevention and detection and have obtained the Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) designation as issued by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.  All investigations will be supervised by those specially trained to do so. 
The City Auditor believes everyone has A Duty To Report (ADTR) any suspected unlawful or wasteful act impacting the City of Colorado Springs operations and enterprises and has developed several methods which can be used to report any suspected wrong doing.  We will need the following information in order to follow up on your concern.
1. What happened and why you think it is wrong.
2. When and where it happened and if anyone else witnessed or knows it happened.
3. The department impacted and the people involved.
4. Any documentation or other evidence you have or know of.
If you have absolute knowledge that a crime has occurred, we strongly encourage you to contact the Police Department at 719-444-7000. They are much better equipped to investigate known crimes.   

Employees of the City of Colorado Springs or its enterprise funds, which include the Colorado Springs Airport and Colorado Springs Utilities, are encouraged to contact their supervisor with questions regarding suspicious activities.  Supervisors are usually more familiar with the nature of such concerns.  When reporting to a supervisor is not practical, then using one of the options below is also acceptable. 
ONLINE REPORTING -- This website has an online reporting form that allows the user an option to submit concerns anonymously.  

Report Fraud Here

TELEPHONE HOTLINE - The City Auditor has installed a special hotline in the office with caller-ID disabled.  The number is 385-2387 (ADTR). When possible, the phone will be answered by a Certified Fraud Examiner who will listen to your concerns and ask questions to help us better identify the area and persons who might be involved in the suspected wrongdoing.  When a Certified Fraud Examiner is not available, the call will go to voice mail and you will be asked to leave a detailed message.  Even though you will have the option of remaining anonymous, identifying yourself provides a means for us to contact you in case we have additional questions.
PO BOX - The Office of the City Auditor has it's own Post Office Box to receive concerns.  Mail received at this address will not be opened or reviewed by any City staff member other than the Certified Fraud Examiners in the office.  Please use this address:
Denny Nester, City Auditor
P.O. Box 2241
Colorado Springs, CO  80901
E-MAIL - The City Auditor has established a procedure to accept concerns via e-mail addressed to  Please note that if you send us your concerns via e-mail, we will have access to the e-mail address you used to contact us and we will respond to that address unless you direct us otherwise.