American Mother's Chapel at Rock Ledge Ranch

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Note: The American Mother's Chapel is CLOSED until further notice due to the 30th Street Construction.

The American Mother's Chapel is located on Park property at the intersection of 31st Street and Chambers Way.

  • Ceremony parking is ONLY on Chambers Way.
  • Chapel reservations DO NOT apply to any other part of the Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site, including the parking lot.
  • Under no circumstances may a motor vehicle park next to the Chapel, or inside the park fence line.
  • The Chapel is a natural area. The release of birds/butterflies or throwing rice/confetti is prohibited.
  • Flowers or other decorations may not be delivered early and must be removed after use.
  • No restrooms or changing areas on site.
  • There is a heater/air conditioner unit, as well as power outlets in the Chapel for ceremony use.
  • No fire of any kind is allowed. All candles must be battery operated.

Reservation Hours: 11 am7 pm

Maximum Capacity: 15 capacity; seats 12

American Mother's Chapel: $200/DAY

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